Nov 17, 2011   //   by Daniel Cordova   //   Tip Of The Month  //  Comments Off on Low Water Pressure & The Vinegar Fix

If you begin to notice the water pressure on any of your faucets or shower head getting low, try this: Fill a small sandwich sized baggie with vinegar.  Put the baggie over the faucet so the facet is completely submerged in the vinegar, and tie it down with a rubber band or two, leaving it to set overnight.  That should break down the mineral build-up and clear the holes that caused the pressure to backup.  Rinse it thoroughly and begin use as normal.  You should be able to notice an immediate difference.  If the pressure is still really low, the problem might be something deeper into your system.  Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to check it out for you.

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