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I’m sure you’ve smelt it before, that foul odor emerging from your kitchen drain.  You have to imagine, loads of waste are being piled in there day after day.  Food scraps likes meats and cheeses which tend to spoil and leave behind a rotten stench are by far the worst!  How can you beat the stench?  How do you get rid of this terrible odor?  Let us offer our most helpful tips.

If you have a garbage disposer or garbage disposal, cut up a lemon or an orange (or any fruit from the citrus family will do) into small wedges.  Half at a time throw them into your garbage disposal with the hot water running.  Let the hot water run for about thirty seconds after their disposal.  You should be able to notice an immediate shift in odor.

If you don’t have a garbage disposer or you don’t have any citrus fruit lying around, Pin-sol or any pungent citrus fruit type of cleaner would work just as well.  Drop one tablespoon in at a time, repeating 2-3 times, and your kitchen drain should be smelling fresh in no time!

As another note, you may even want to try throwing a tablespoon of liquid dish soap (preferably the blue Dawn liquid dish soap) and two quarts of boiling hot water down your kitchen drain.  This helps cut through the grease and sludge that may also cause some of these serious odors.

We hope this tip of the month helps!  Here’s to getting those kitchen drains smelling citrus fresh!


  • How about the shower? Every once in a while it has a smell coming from the drain. I have put bleach down it (my mother’s idea) and it got better. Is there anything else?

    • Hi Lorraine! Great question! First and foremost, we would want to know if that shower is used often. If not, would could be happening is that your p-trap has dried out and is causing foul odors from the drainage system to escape back into your home. What is a p-trap? (Another great question!) A p-trap is the “U-shaped” pipe located under the fixture (whether its a sink, bathtub, shower, toilet, etc they all have them). The job of p-trap is to hold a steady amount of water in order to keep foul odors and bugs from entering (or re-entering) your home. When a p-trap dries up, it is most often because of lack of use, so we often recommend to try running water down the line at least once or twice a week to keep that p-trap full. On the other hand, if the shower (or fixture) IS used often, a larger issue within your drainage system might be the cause of the foul odors. It could be a leak or a break in the drain pipe. If this is the case, give us a call as soon as possible so we can take a look at it and we’d be more than happy to get that fixed for you right away! Once again, thanks so much for such a great question!