Oct 3, 2012   //   by Daniel Cordova   //   Tip Of The Month  //  Comments Off on Prevent Washing Machine Drain Clogs

One of the top causes of water damages in homes, next to water heater leaks, is washing machine leaks.  Washing machine leaks can be caused by a number of different sources, but one of the most common, and most easy to prevent, are drain clogs!  When most people think of drain clogs, we think shower drains, tub drains and kitchen sinks, not washing machines!  Yet, this is true!  Drain clogs cause washing machines to back up, hold water and slowly leak.  If you can imagine, when you take your clothes out of the drier, you’re left with a big ball of lent from the lent trap right?  Well, when you wash your clothes, the same amount of lent is released, but where do you think it goes?  The answer is… straight down the drain pipe!  Often this lent is cleared by the constant flow of water, but occasionally, no amount of water from the washing machine will be able to clear this lent.  So here’s a great tip to help prevent this disaster waiting to happen: take a nylon or panty hose and insert it over your washing machine drain line, place a rubberband or tie to keep it in place and then reinstall it.  After every 3-4 washes remove the nylon or panty hose, clean out the lent and then reinstall.  It’s that simple!  You’ll be amazed at how much lent you trap with this simple process!  Best of all, you’ll save yourself from the nightmare of water leaks and water damage in your home or garage!

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