Apr 15, 2013   //   by Daniel Cordova   //   Tip Of The Month  //  Comments Off on 3 Easy Ways To Water Smarter


Outside water usage accounts for nearly 40% of an average household’s total water bill!  With spring in full gear and summer quickly approaching, the lack of rainfall makes it necessary for us to pull out the gardening hose and put the timer back on the sprinkler system, but are we wasting water while doing this?  The answer is probably yes!

Help make a difference and make a change towards conservation by following these 3 EASY WAYS TO WATER SMARTER:

1. Make sure to only water your lawn in the morning or evening hours when temperatures are cooler and the wind is still.  Watering during peak hours or windy times causes water to evaporate or blow away before it reaches the plant’s roots.

2. Try the Screwdriver Test – After watering your lawn, take an 8 inch screw driver and drive it into the ground.  If it easily slips down about 6 inches, your lawn is absorbing the water well.  If not, make sure to aerate your lawn (at least once a year) so the water can be absorbed by the roots and not be wasted by running off the surface.

3. Use waste water from around the house, such as fallen ice cubes, dirty pet water, half drank water bottles and even captured rain water to help water your lawn and plants before reaching for the hose.

By following these 3 easy steps you can easily help conserve an upward of 125 gallons of water per week or more!  That’s at least 6,240 gallons per year!  So help join the conservation movement and WATER SMARTER!

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