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Do you know why your doctor checks your blood pressure with every visit?  Or have you ever wondered why?  Well, it’s because your blood pressure is vital to understanding how well your heart is working.  Your heart and your blood vessels are an interconnected system of pumps and pipes that need to work properly to keep you healthy.  Similarly, your home plumbing system is an interconnected system of pipes and valves that work to keep your home healthy.  Therefore, just like taking your blood pressure at every doctor’s visit, checking the water pressure of your home at least once a year is vital for keeping a properly running plumbing system.  So how do you know your water pressure and how can you help regulate it?  That’s simple…water pressure regulators, but what can they do for us?

Now, when it comes to your blood pressure, doctor’s will tell you that if it’s too high, your heart may be working way too hard and if it’s too low, it may not be working hard enough to properly circulate blood to your entire body.  So normally they’ll prescribe some type of medication or regime to regulate it.  Similarly, the water pressure in your home communicates problems just as well as your blood pressure in your body.  If water pressure gets too low it can cause decreased circulation and irregular water pressure  from your faucets and fixtures.  If more than one fixture is working, less pressure at each fixture will be highly noticeable, sometimes even down to a mere trickle.  On the other hand, and on the more serious note, if water pressure gets too high, it can cause major stress on your system.  This can easily cause faucets and other fixtures to work improperly, freeze up or completely shut down.  It is the most common cause for knocking in water pipes, but in the worst case scenario, high water pressure can even cause major pipe bursts and home flooding.  So just like medication for blood pressure, that’s where a water pressure regulator comes in!

A water pressure regulator is a plumbing valve generally located on the main water line after your main shutoff valve but before the main line enters your home.  The function of the water pressure regulator is to reduce the water pressure coming from the main water line into the home.  This valve regulates the water pressure to a safe level before it reaches any fixtures inside the home.  If you already have a water pressure regulator installed, an annual maintenance check is recommended to make sure it stays working properly.  If you do not currently have a water pressure regulator installed, give your favorite local plumber a call and get one installed immediately!  Just like your blood pressure and your health, keeping a properly maintained plumbing system is vital for you and your family to live a happy, comfortable and flood free life!

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