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Re-Use, Reduce and Recycle!  It’s our way of life these days but with Earth Day just around the corner, April 22 to be exact, we thought we’d put in our two cents and help Mother Earth      along   the way.  We’ve all done some form of recycling at one point or another.   Maybe we mindlessly tossed our empty can of diet soda into a recycling bin at work or re-used an old plastic bag to clean up the lovely gift our beloved pet left for us on our lawn.  Whatever the case may be, we are doing our part to help the environment, but what if you can do more than simply tossing a can into a recycling bin?  Wouldn’t it be great to help improve our environment and also help those in need?  We’ll guess what?!  Now you can by recycling your old toilet!

Why let your eyesore of a toilet collect dust and take up space in your home when you can donate it to your local Habitat for Humanity Re- Store Outlet!   They provide an environmentally- and socially-responsible way to keep good, reusable materials out of landfills as well as help build homes for those in need.  There are also numerous recycling and salvage centers all across southern California who are more than willing to take your old porcelain throne off your hands.  Even better, why not let Daniel Cordova Plumbing take your old John off your hands and donate it or recycle it for you?!  We are more than happy to do our part in creating a better and greener environment for us all, and in the process, give those used, unwanted toilets a good home.

In fact, we are not alone in our crusade to keep toilets out of landfills.  Some cities like Bellingham, Washington have found creative ways of using these unwanted recycled potties and helping Mother Earth along the way.  In an attempt to go green, the city used over 400 recycled toilets to create a new pedestrian sidewalk.  Not only did it save the city and tax-payers money but they also diverted hundreds of toilets from ending up in the local landfill.  Now that’s recycling at its best!   So why not take that extra step and let us recycle your old toilet for you?  It is an easy and simple way to help our environment and keep toilets out of our local landfills. Mother Earth and DCP will be very glad you did!  Happy Earth Day Everyone!


UPDATE: Since publishing this article in 2013, we’re sorry to say that many recycling locations as well as Habitat for Humanity are no longer taking toilets. We understand that there is a high demand for toilet recycling but at this time we don’t have the space or capacity to collect them ourselves. We recommend contacting your cities public works department for information on bulky item pick up services.

1 Comment

  • i have a toilet to recycle. would you be able to pick it up? i am in north diamond bar.