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Superbowl Sunday is synonymous with big gatherings of people, lots of food, plenty of drinks, and yes, you guessed it…tons of plumbing problems!  But do these plumbing problems really have to deal with the Superbowl?  Well, the answer is a perplexing YES AND NO.

Last year, Superbowl Sunday 2012, most municipal water districts saw a water usage spike of nearly 13% throughout the game (primarily during halftime and immediately following the final seconds).  This clearly shows that our plumbing systems were getting a much larger workout than normal, but it doesn’t necessary mean a red flag for plumbing problems.  In fact, most modern plumbing systems are built to withstand a much higher demand, such as that demonstrated on Superbowl Sunday.  So, why all the plumbing issues then?

Well, the higher amount of usage is one reason, but the real reason is simple…POOR MAINTENANCE AND NEGLIGENCE!  And it’s not just when it comes to your bathrooms either, it’s your kitchen sink as well!  Remember they’re all connected after all!

So how can you beat the Superbowl Sunday plumbing blues?  Well, here are a few tips to help keep your plumbing from throwing a flag in your plans…

  1. Most people won’t do this, but the smart ones will.  Call a local plumber for an annual plumbing maintenance inspection the week prior to the big game.  Normally less than $100, this simple once a year inspection will save you loads of headaches and checkbook aches not only on Superbowl Sunday but throughout the year!  AND it’s not just for your toilets either, but your entire home plumbing system!
  2. Remove any small object around the toilet or around the sink in order to keep them falling in and clogging the toilet.
  3. Remove all sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, wipes, etc from the bathroom.  These items do not dissolve easily (if even at all) and are known to clog toilets in a flash.  If people need them, they will ask, at which point you can give it to them with reminder not to flush it down the toilet.
  4. Make sure to leave a wastebasket in the bathroom as well, in order to reduce the amount of waste going down the toilet
  5. Don’t overload the garbage disposal with food scraps either.  Throw the scraps in the trash first before washing dishes in the sink.  If you can, refrain from washing any dishes in the sink until later on in the evening or even the next day.
  6. Don’t throw grease down the drain!  Wipe grease off with a paper towel or dump it in an empty can and throw it in the trash.  (Grease and water don’t mix, so grease becomes sludge and clogs up your drain pipes like fat on an artery.)
  7. And finally, if your toilets are known for being a little finicky, consider switching to 1-ply toilet paper for the big game.  Most guests won’t even notice it, but your plumbing sure will thank you!

So this Superbowl Sunday, don’t put your guests in an icky situation.  Watching as the water rises in the toilet and wondering if it’s their fault isn’t how you want them to remember their party experience with you.  Do yourself and your guests a couple of additional favors just in case:

  • Leave a plunger in the bathroom.  (Often times a quick plunge will get the toilet back to normal and will save your guests the humiliation of asking for it.  (They even sell nice decorative plunger covers too)
  • Know where your water shutoff valves are.  (This will help save you from any major flooding in case of emergency.)
  • Lastly, if a toilet gets clogged, and if at all possible, don’t hassle with it in front of your guests.  Let your guests use a secondary bathroom and take care of it later.

Superbowl Sunday is meant to be a fun time and shouldn’t be spent hovering over your toilet bowl trying to figure out the problem.  So be prepared!

This Superbowl Sunday lands on February 3rd this year, 2013, so mark your calendars and get ready to focus on a bowl other than the toilet one!  Have a great game day everyone and stay safe!

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