Jan 8, 2013   //   by Daniel Cordova   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on The Importance of Annual Plumbing Maintenance – Is It Really A Necessity?

Our plumbing systems are rarely ever given a second thought. We wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, take a shower, pour water in the coffee pot and continue our entire day without even a glimpse of appreciation for these underground beauties – that is, until there’s a problem.

Just like a car, your eyesight and your teeth however, your home or office plumbing is a highly intricate machine that requires annual maintenance, check-ups and cleanings to make sure that it is running properly and most efficiently.  Most of us know all too well that dreaded dentist appointment, after years of skipping out on dental checkups, when you feel that first twinge of pain from that new cavity.  You know the news is not going to be good.  You know it’s going to cost you, but whose fault is it?

Same goes for plumbing.  In this industry we generally don’t hear from our customers until there’s a problem, and often it’s a major one.  The sad part is, for most people, their home or business is THE SINGLE LARGEST investment they have ever made, and the low cost of a simple annual plumbing maintenance checkup is far exceeded by its value, savings and peace of mind to you, and your family.

Here is a quick example that might help you get an idea of what we are talking about:

“Joe” is a valued customer of ours (we will not use his real name for confidentiality reasons), but Joe called us on a Tuesday night last week at around 11pm with an emergency water heater leak.  Upon arrival our technician noticed massive amounts of corrosion surrounding Joe’s water heater, and a hole the size of a baseball.  Joe ended up having to replace his water heater that night, but the sad part is, he ended up paying nearly TRIPLE THE AMOUNT!

Why did Joe have to pay so much?  Well, here it is: On top of the regular cost of a new water heater with installation, Joe also had to pay an emergency fee as well as call a restoration company to clear the damage caused by the leaking water, so that mold and bacteria would not grow and infect his family.

If Joe would have considered having an annual plumbing maintenance checkup, even just a few weeks prior, the technician would have noticed all of the corrosion surrounding Joe’s water heater and would have made a simple recommendation to replace the unit.  Altogether, with a simple annual maintenance checkup, Joe could have easily saved well over a couple thousand dollars!!!  Can you believe it???

So before you’re put in this same nightmare of a situation, give us call today and we’ll set you up with our 20+ point annual plumbing maintenance inspection right away!  Don’t be like Joe, save yourself from the headaches and the pocketbook punches!

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