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Reasons Why a Plumbing Inspection is Important for New Homeowners


West Covina PlumberA home purchase in one of the most significant investments and commitments that one may make. It is very important that this investment be treated with due respect and awareness of all the responsibilities that go into owning a home. A home plumbing inspection is vital to knowing what type of home and the condition that it is in. The plumbing in a home is critically important for many reasons.

One reason is that you want to make sure that water flows properly to the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry rooms. The flow has to be leak free, quiet and at a sufficient pressure. A leaky plumbing supply has several drawbacks of increased cost, possible damage to the home and possible shorting of electrical circuits. All of these problems could amount to thousands of dollars in repair or even total loss of the home. Noisy plumbing is very bothersome, even though it may not have to be repaired. It can be expensive to repair, if you wished to do so. The water pressure has to be high enough to take a good shower in and fill the washer quickly.

Another reason for a plumbing inspection is to make sure that all the outdoor spigots and sprinkler systems are working, not leaking and will not freeze during the colder months. You need to make sure that the buried pipes are below the frost line in your area. In older homes, there many be some previous plumbing repairs that are not to code. This means that your home could suffer catastrophic damage because of a substandard repair or you may have to pay fines when reselling the home.

Also if you are buying a home in a colder climate in the middle of winter you have to make sure that a unoccupied home has not suffered any freeze damage. It is possible for pipes to freeze and break inside of a home that is not heated when outside temperatures dip below freezing. For the small cost of a plumbing inspection, you will have the knowledge that your new home will meet or exceed your plumbing requirements.

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