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Learn How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save Money!

West Covina Bathroom RemodelThe news has said it and the scientists have said it, there is a need to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. How does one reduce their carbon footprint, especially by remodeling their bathroom? In order to reduce the carbon foot print that a house, or a group of people in a house, are making on the world one has to understand what the carbon foot print is. The world is making too much carbon by way of the oil industry, trash consumption, and creating energy to run all of the items that are being run by electricity in the house. Simply put, the less fossil fuel based products that are used and the more energy efficient that the house is; the less carbon is being produced and the house’s carbon footprint is lessened.

When remodeling the bathroom there is many ways to achieve this eco-friendly goal. The first goal is to reduce energy and water usage. The less energy that is being used in the bathroom the better. Installing temperature and water efficient faucets, shower heads, and low fill toilets is a great place to begin. These faucets allow the hot water heater to do less work and they will also regulate the amount of water that is coming out of the faucets, but increase the pressure so that the homeowner never knows the difference. The low fill toilets will flush with less water, and allow less need for water consumption.

Reducing the petroleum based products and increase the use of products that are made out of recycled or natural materials will keep trash out of the landfills and reduce the amount of carbon being used to make these products. Everything from sinks, bath tubs, counter tops, and floor coverings can be created out of recycled materials. In addition to this, the caulk and the adhesives that are being used are also often carbon or petroleum based. The more materials that can be used that are not carbon based, the less carbon that is being produced in the world. These materials put less stress on the planet and the economy.

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