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How can clogged drains affect your mood at home?

West Covina Drain CleaningA clogged drain might seem like a minor irritation to most people. Whether it’s too much hair in the shower drain, or just some food particles backing up the drain in the sink, it’s an inconvenience that comes with living in the first world.

What most people might not think about are the impacts that clogged drains can have.

Health Concerns

The biggest consideration when it comes to clogged drains is whether they’re creating a health hazard for the home. Whether it’s kitchen grease, body hair, old food, or something else entirely these clogs can act as a breeding ground for germs. With slow-draining or occasionally standing water it’s possible that a clogged drain can lead to foul smells, and a lot more sickness than the household might otherwise catch.


A clogged drain is irritating, there’s no two ways about it. When a system is expected to function one way, but instead functions another, that leads to a loss of patience. Clogged drains can turn doing the dishes from a short task into a long chore, or make shaving an ordeal as the sink’s water level slowly lowers. Wasted time can lead to a strain on patience, and that can have a very negative effect overall. Additionally slow draining will lead to more cleaning that has to be done, whether it’s in the sink, the shower, or somewhere else entirely.

Flooding Dangers

The difference between a clogged drain and a drain that’s backing up often isn’t very much at all. This can be serious for those who don’t notice till the bathtub is overflowing, or who don’t check the basement or garage drain as often as they should. Flooding can damage a home, require serious clean up, and it often ruins property. While not all clogs will become a flood situation, some of them will if left long enough.

Get Your Drains Cleaned Today!

Getting your drains cleaned is a great, preventative step to take, which is why we make sure to send only trained, experienced professionals to handle the job. When we’ve finished your drains will run like new, with no backup and no waiting. If that’s not a reason to get your drains cleaned post haste, what is?

Get back control of your West Covina home! Call Daniel Cordova Plumbing at (626) 962-0885 for professional drain cleaning services. 

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