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Benefits of a Summer Drain Cleaning


Drain CleaningThere is nothing more irritating that clogged drains. When most homeowners have clogged drains their first inclination is to buy chemicals that will unclog drains, but that doesn’t always solve the problem. The other problem with this is that some chemicals can damage pipes. It often is also a temporary fix to a larger problem. Having pipes cleaned regularly by professional plumbers ensures water will flow smoothly, without clogs and disruptions.

Clogs, whose main problem is unaddressed, can also cause health problems in the home related to bacteria build-up in the drains. Having drains serviced regularly also saves money in the long run. It saves money because bacteria and other types of build up in the drain, along with chemicals used on a frequent basis, can erode pipes. This can lead to the eventual breakage of pipes. Once this has occurred it is necessary to replace the pipes, instead of the cost of a simple maintenance. Replacing pipes can cost hundreds of dollars.

There are many things that cause clogged pipes. The most common cause is hair that gets backed up in the drain or pipe, causing blockage. It is also the main reason for bacteria in the drain. Other reasons are sometimes related to things falling in the drain, creating blockage, such as jewelry, small trinkets, children’s toys, rags, and even food. When these things are blocking the pipe it is necessary to have a professional remove them. Using chemicals in this case is not addressing the root cause.

Having drains serviced on a regular basis also helps remove hair clumps and bacteria that homeowners may not even know is there, which improves overall health of the home. It also means clogs are greatly reduced from occurring in the future, and reduces potential plumbing costs. It also provides the assurance that pipes are receiving the maintenance they need, and long term costs are reduced. Instead of using chemicals to unclog drainage and water flow problems, having pipes serviced on a regular basis provides health to the home, convenience of pipe longevity, and ensures the normal flow of water that all homes need.

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