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What Causes My Faucets To Drip?


Faucet RepairA drip here and a drip there. A leaky faucet isn’t that big of a problem, right? It can cause more damage than you think. There are a lot of reasons why a faucet may be dripping, most of which can easily be fixed. The trick is scheduling faucet repair services and finding the cause in order to prevent further damage.

A lot of things can cause a faucet to drip. In most cases, the drip is caused by defective hardware, mineral deposits on the internal parts of the faucet, or corrosion. These problems can easily be fixed by a plumbing professional. Faucets are used and abused, so it is normal for parts to wear out over time.

The most common cause of a dripping faucet is a worn out washer. When a faucet is turned on, the washer creates friction against the value seat, which is a compression mechanism between the faucet and the spout. The friction and resistance causes the washer to wear out over time, thus causing dripping around the spout. In a compression faucet, the dripping is caused by worn rubber washers.

Corrosion can cause a lot of problems with the faucet’s valve seat. Water sediments cause this piece to corrode, which can cause a leak around the spout. Water sediments can also wear down the inlet and outlet seals. A plumber can help maintain the valve seat and seals by regularly cleaning it.

The O-ring is an important piece of the faucet. It is a small disc that is attached to a screw which holds the handle of the faucet in place. The O-ring can become loose and/or wear out over time, causing drips near the handle of the faucet. This type of problem happens with cartridge faucets.

Loose parts or improper washer installment can also cause dripping. An adjustment to ring and packing nuts in the steam screw may become loose over time with constant use, which can cause a leak near the handle. Tightening or replacing the packing nuts can solve this problem. If the washers have been installed incorrectly, a plumber can help ensure the parts are installed correctly.

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