Sewer and Drain Repair in Covina

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There are several factors that can damage your sewer and drain lines. Many involve lack of maintenance. Fortunately, you can count on your local technicians for help with your damaged plumbing lines. We serve residents throughout Covina and surrounding areas in Southern California. See what your neighbors are saying!

Do You Know What’s Passing Through Your Drains?

Severely clogged pipes can affect the rest of your plumbing system, particularly your sink, toilet, and shower. What causes these clogs? Most often it’s debris, either from what we allow into the drains or from the environment. We advise our customers to be mindful of what they let enter their drains. Even flushing too much toilet paper down can create clogging problems.

Environmental factors include sediment and mineral buildup in your pipes. Calcium and other abrasive minerals can accumulate in your drains over time, especially if you have an older plumbing system with hard water flowing through. These minerals can eventually corrode or damage or your pipes.

What Happens With Severely Clogged Drains?

The damage from a backed up sewer or drain is not pretty. Clogs can cause backflow problems in your bathroom. This can lead to bacteria entering your home, as well as mold growth.

If you have an older plumbing system, cracks or breaks in your sewer or drain line can lead to sudden burst pipes. This is an emergency that must be handled immediately to help you avoid costly damage to your home. To minimize your risk of experiencing this problem, we recommend regular maintenance inspections that cover your sewer and drain lines. Through these inspections, we will be able to uncover any potential damage to your lines and repair or replace them before further problems develop.

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