Sewer and Drain Repair in Diamond Bar

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When a sink gets clogged, a drain begins to leak, or a faucet begins to drip, you may know a few simple measures to solve the problem. However, when that trusty bottle of drain cleaner does not get the job done, it’s time to turn to a professional. Often, drain repair is a simple process. Read on to find out the importance of drain repair for your overall plumbing system. To schedule a service, contact our team for immediate assistance in Diamond Bar, CA.

What Causes Drain Problems?

Drains can suffer from problems such as rust, leaking, and clogging. The first step of drain repair is to identify the problems your drain may have. The most common problem is clogging, which occurs when waste material backs up in a bend in the drain system. Over time, these waste items will become lodged in the drain until enough of it accumulates to disturb your normal water flow. If water does not drain properly, it often forms rust and stains the piping joints until leaks occur.

If the water in your sink is slow to drain, contact your plumber right away. Pipes may need to be replaced, or at the very least tightened after a clog is removed.

How is Drain Repair Performed?

We always begin by identifying the problem, and proceed from there. Most repairs take less than one day, as most parts are standard. Common clogs do not take much time at all, and are performed by dismantling the pipes beneath your drain and removing the waste. If the pipes are damaged, we replace them and fit them properly so that your drain runs like new.

Why is Professional Drain Repair Important?

Apart from the annoyance of a sink or bathtub not draining properly, failing to repair a drain can cause serious problems. An unrepaired leak may cause mold, for instance, or flood an area of your home. In some of the worser cases, we discovered insect larvae in a drain, accompanied by large growths of mold on the wall beside the drain. In most cases, though, failing to repair a drain typically causes some property damage.

We offer comprehensive drain repair services, as well as drain cleaning solutions such as rooter services and hydrojetting. Our professionals come equipped to handle just about any drain or sewer problem. If you think there may be multiple issues with your home’s drains, do not worry! There is no problem too small or large, and we will make sure your home stays free from recurring plumbing issues.

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