Water Heater Repair and Installation in Diamond Bar

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Water heaters are major appliances that unfortunately can come with major headaches when things go wrong. Several factors can cause your water heater to malfunction. Leaks, sediment, and gas line problems are some of the most common issues and require professional service. Installation should be done by a professional to ensure a prolonged life for your unit. A quick call to Daniel Cordova Plumbing will set you up for a FREE in-home estimate in the Diamond Bar area.

What are Common Water Heater Problems?

Leaking: You will know your water heater is leaking when you see a puddle near the unit, condensation on the apparatus, or a softening of the floor near your heater.

Your unit may also be corroded inside, which can cause other problems in addition to the leaks. Call us for professional service to find out if your unit can be fixed, or if it is time for a new unit.

Sediment buildup: Sediment can also cause significant damage to your unit. If you notice that your water takes longer to heat, or no hot water comes out, sediment could be the culprit. If left untreated, it will completely ruin your unit. To solve the problem, we will flush your water heater tank to clean it out. This will help keep your unit working properly.

Gas leaks: Gas water heaters should be treated with care. If you suspect that your water heater has a gas leak problem, leave your home immediately. Once you are in a safe area, call us for leak detection and repair.

Why is Professional Water Service Important?

Whether you need to install a new unit or replace an old one, be sure to call for professional help. Improper service can cause major damage down the road.

Keep in mind that water heater installations require service by licensed professionals. We will make sure your unit is installed according to code and that it will run efficiently for many years to come.

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