Sewer and Drain Repair in Duarte

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A damaged sewer or drain line should be repaired as quickly as possible so that it does not ruin the drywall or the flooring. Some homeowners attempt their own repairs, but this is often a short term solution. For repairs that will last, you will need professional assistance. We provide expert sewer and drain repair for residents throughout Duarte and surrounding areas in Southern California.

The easiest way to fix a damaged drain is to identify where the problem is coming from. If there is leaking, we will need to find the source of the leak using the latest leak detection technology.

Sometimes, the leak is actually in the drain pipe. For these leaks, we will need to change out a section of the pipe in order to get the water to stop leaking. Taking out a section of pipe is not a difficult task, and we will be able to complete the job fairly quickly. It is important to take the pipe out at a joint, or union. This allows us to properly install the new pipe.

Proper drain repair is important because an improperly repaired drain can continue to leak and lead to costly damage, including water damage to your flooring, ceiling, and walls.

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