Water Heater Repair and Installation in Glendora

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Your water heater is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Even when not in use, the water heater consistently works to ensure that you have hot water when you need it. To prevent a complete breakdown, it’s important to understand the common problems your system can develop, and when it’s time to repair or replace. Our technicians serve Glendora and surrounding areas in Southern California. See what others in the area are saying about our service!

Does Your Water Heater Need a New Thermostat?

Water that is too hot or not hot enough can be fixed through adjusting the thermostat on the unit. However, if an adjustment does not improve the water temperature, your thermostat will likely need replacement. In this case, we can repair your water heater by installing a new thermostat. If you have a gas water heater and are getting only cold water, we may need to repair or replace the thermocouple or heating element.

Is Your Water Heater Emitting Sounds or Smells?

If your water heater starts to make unusual noises when it starts up, such as pops, hisses, or bangs, there is most likely sediment built up in the bottom of the tank. We can repair this by flushing out the water heater. To prevent this from happening, we recommend scheduling annual maintenance that includes flushing of the tank. We can also install a water softener to help reduce the amount of sediment in your tank. Decreasing the level of sediment that accumulates in your unit can also help reduce any unpleasant smells in your tank.

Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

Leaks can present some of the more serious and dangerous problems your water heater develops. One type of leak is a gas leak on gas water heaters. If you smell rotten eggs around your water heater, leave your house at once and call for help. Our technicians can also repair any gas-related problems by examining the seals and gas connections, and tightening or replacing parts as needed.

If your system is experiencing a water leak, you will need to replace your water heater’s tank. Leaks usually develop from faulty drain valves, warped drain seals, or corrosion. You can opt to replace your leaking water heater with a new, more energy-efficient model to save on future repair costs as well as operating expenses.

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