Water Heater Repair and Installation Services in La Puente

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Although the water heater makes everyday living so much easier for everyone they simply do not longer than 8-15 years. The water heater is responsible for making sure that the water in your sink, washing machine, shower and dishwasher is hot at a seconds notice. When the water heater breaks down however you could be left with a major inconvenience. Daniel Cordova Plumbing can quickly identify a potential problem and fix it so your heater can continue to perform the job it is meant to do.

What Are Signs of a Damaged Water Heater?

If the water in your home is darker than normal or you smell an odor coming from the sinks or shower you have a water heater repair issue. The primary tank in the water heater may be experiencing a buildup of minerals that can lead to the malfunction of the heater. Another common sign of damage is if the hot water coming through your pipes runs out quickly. This could either mean the water heater is malfunctioning or there is a crack causing the water to leak. Any of these issues can be detrimental to the plumbing system in your home. It can also cause significant damage to your home if left unaddressed.

How Can You Prevent Water Heater Damage?

The main aspect of preventing damage in your home is by performing regular maintenance. Maintenance for water heaters include inspections, tank drainings, and cleanings, By performing these processes regularly you can prevent mineral buildups and rust from accumulating. Additionally should an issue arise your plumbing technicians will be aware of it and address it before it completely damages your homes plumbing. At Daniel Cordova Plumbing we also provide maintenance and care programs for your homes water heater. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get immediate water heater inspections and maintenance.

Water Heater Repairs

If the issues in your homes water heater escalate to the point where repair services are needed Daniel Cordova Plumbing has the solutions for you. We will first inspect the system to determine the source of the damage. Once the area is found we will provide repair services. This could mean patches on leaky valves, cleanings of reservoir tanks, or a flushing of the system. There are many other possibilities depending on the issue that are present. Our technicians are factory trained and know exactly what to look for when it comes to the water heater system in your home.

Water Heater Installations

In the off chance that repair services do not resolve your water heater issues, then the need for a replacement water heater may arise. At Daniel Cordova Plumbing our experts specialize in the installation and repair of your water heater. This means that we can easily install a new water heater for you. We will empty the existing water heater and make sure it is disconnected properly. Once this is done we will install the new water heater in its place and ensure that it is working perfectly before we leave.

At Daniel Cordova Plumbing our number one goal is to ensure that our customers are comfortable. This means ensuring that the water heater in your home is working efficiently and perfectly. We will provide efficient and professional repair and installation services should the need arise. No matter what type of water heater you have in your home, Daniel Cordova Plumbing has the solution for you.

Do you need professional water heater repairs or installation services in La Puente, CA? Call Daniel Cordova Plumbing at (626) 962-0885 and get professional services today!