Gas Line Installation and Repair in Pasadena


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Natural gas helps make your household appliances much more efficient. Dryers, stoves, and water heaters all benefit from the quick heat that a direct flame brings. However, having gas supplied to your home also carries the risk of fires or explosions due to gas leaks. Quickly fixing any problems with your gas line is an absolute necessity. We provide prompt repairs and installations for residents throughout Pasadena and surrounding areas in Southern California.

How are Gas Lines Installed?

Gas delivered to your appliances has to be airtight and able to withstand large amounts of pressure. Each device is installed with valves, which restricts the flow of air while it is being serviced. When you call us to install a new dryer, water heater, stove, or barbecue grill, we will connect a supply line to the intake of the unit that feeds fuel to appliance or fixture. Most single-unit gas line installations can be done in an hour or less.

How Do I Know If I Have a Gas Leak?

Natural gas has special compounds added to it that makes the fuel smell like sulfur, or rotten eggs. This is done to reduce the chance that a leak will not go unnoticed. However, it is possible for leaks to be small enough not to cause a noticeable smell. To make sure you are able to easily detect all potential gas leaks, a wide range of devices are available that act as warning systems similar to fire alarms. These devices use light, chemistry, and even sound to detect the presence of gas.

We can also help you install earthquake gas shutoff valves. These valves will automatically turn off your gas supply in the event of an earthquake, which will help prevent gas leaks.

What Causes Gas Leaks?

Regular gas line maintenance can help you avoid leaks. However, leaks can still occur unexpectedly, often as a result of deteriorating seals and connectors. Improperly installed or faulty gas lines can also result in gas leaks.

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, can also affect your gas line, but earthquake shut off valves add an extra element of safety.

What Are Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valves?

Earthquake shut off valves are installed close to where your gas meter connects to the gas lines in your home. These valves activate in the event of an earthquake (usually with a magnitude of 5.4 or higher) to reduce the likelihood of gas leaks. These automatic failsafe units should only be installed by a trained professional.

Being mindful of your gas line and appliances and having a technician handy when problems occur are good ways to promote safety in your household.

If you notice a gas leak or anything unusual with your gas line, contact us immediately at (626) 962-0885.