Sewer and Drain Repair in Pasadena

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Do you smell sewage in your yard? It’s most likely coming from a damaged sewer line. Many homeowners may not be aware of the dangers of storm sewer waters as well. Storm sewer water is a common problem in lower lying areas after heavy rains. Storm sewer water is the collected runoff of surface land water. It can come from streets, roofs, sidewalks, and neighboring parking lots. This water contains a tremendous amount of bacteria and can be too much for the sewers and underground storm sewer pipes to handle. When this occurs, your own sewer lines can become damaged. Regular wear and tear, as well as tree roots, can also contribute to stress on your pipes.

Fortunately, we can help you get your sewer and drain lines repaired quickly and effectively. Read on to find out more about how this service can help you. We service residents throughout Pasadena and surrounding areas in Southern California.

Need Trenchless Sewer Repair Services?

Our technicians have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to the infrastructure and design of Pasadena’s sewer and drainage systems. When problems arise, you and your family don’t have to relocate! We’ll help you repair any damage, and perform replacement services if necessary.

Sewer and drain lines often run under your front yard or driveway. But you don’t have to worry about any major disturbance to your property. Our trenchless sewer repair service doesn’t involve a backhoe or any significant excavation.

We use the latest in trenchless technology to provide a completely non-invasive solution to your sewer and drain problems. A new, more durable pipe is pulled through your existing sewer line. Only two access points are needed, one at the entrance and one at the exit. This method will not disturb your property, allowing you to maintain your driveway or landscaping.

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When we arrive at your home, we will conduct a thorough inspection and trace specialized video cameras through your pipes to determine the extent of damage. Once we have located the problem, we will carry out the best course of action to restore your plumbing and pipes to their proper working condition. Whether you need a complete replacement or a repair, we work with you to give you the best service possible at a rate that fits your budget.

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