Toilet Repair and Installation in Pasadena

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Whether you need to install a new toilet, replace an old one, or fix your existing unit, our licensed technicians can help! We understand the different mechanics that go into the engineering of all types of toilet units. The newer models, in particular, tend to be equipped with more intricate parts that require attention from professionals to ensure proper installation and accurate repairs. Contact us for immediate services in Pasadena and surrounding areas in Southern California.

Is Your Toilet Overflowing or Running Continuously?

Some of the most common toilet problems include a broken flapper (leading to your unit flushing or refilling on its own), a damaged valve that needs replacing (resulting in continuous running water), and an overflowing toilet (which may indicate an underlying problem with your drain or sewer line). If your toilet is clogged and you are still unable to unblock it with a plunger, you will need professional sewer and drain cleaning solutions, which include drain snaking, rooting, or hydrojetting.

Have You Contacted a Professional to Fix Your Toilet Troubles?

Many homeowners try to take on repairs themselves. Why not eliminate the hassle, plus the time and energy wasted by calling your local technician for help? We have all of the necessary equipment and tools to solve any toilet problem. We will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong with your toilet and how we will fix it.

When replacing your toilet, our technicians will guide you through the entire process, including offering recommendations on the best type of toilet for your household. We will help you consider various factors, such as bowl size, height of the unit, and efficiency. If you are currently remodeling your bathroom, we will help you install all of the necessary plumbing, whether you need to change the location of your toilet or add it to a brand new bathroom.

Looking for an Energy Efficient Toilet?

We also specialize in helping you choose the most energy efficient toilet for your needs. For example, dual-flush toilets can help you save water by up to seventy percent!

Another high efficiency toilet is a pressure-assisted unit, which uses pressurized water to quickly push waste through the trap, which in turn requires less water.

Gravity flush toilets feature superior siphoning ability that helps pull the waste through the bowl, eliminating the need for excess water.

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