Water Heater Repair and Installation in Pasadena

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Is your hot water running out more quickly than it used to? Are you hearing unusual noises coming from your tank? Does the water never seem to get hot anymore?

It may be time to repair or replace your water heater. But how can you be sure which option is right for you? Read on for professional tips to help you make the decision. Or you can give us a call for a free in-home estimate—we serve residents throughout Pasadena and surrounding areas in Southern California.

When Should I Repair vs. Replace My Water Heater?

Here is an easy way to find out if you should repair or replace your water heater. We recommend replacing your unit if the repair will cost more than 50% of the cost of installing a new unit.

Need more information to help you decide? Check out additional recommendations below.

Repairing Your Water Heater
Most residential water heaters have a lifespan of about ten years. If your unit is still within that timeframe, and there is no leaking, it will be more cost efficient to repair it.

Common water heater problems that can easily be repaired:

  • Water does not reach desired temperature: This is one of the most common problems we handle. This is often due to a faulty heating element or thermostat. We can replace these damaged parts with new ones.
  • Hissing noise in the tank: This is caused by sediment that has built up in your water heater tank. The heat causes the sediment to stick to the unit’s inside walls. The sediment accumulation not only causes the hissing sound, but it also causes your water heater to work at a reduced capacity. This means that your unit will run out of hot water much sooner. We can fix this problem for you without having to replace your existing tank.

Replacing Your Water Heater
You will need a new water heater if your current unit has reached its expiration date. You will be able to tell when it’s time for a replacement by the frequent problems: severe leaking, tank corrosion, mold growth in the tank, and a constant lack of hot water.

Perhaps you added a new bathroom to your home, and now your old water heater is no longer efficient enough to keep up with this addition. This is a great opportunity to replace your older unit with a newer model.

Another reason to replace your unit is to simply gain better energy efficiency. Tankless water heaters are a great alternative to the traditional tank models. Their initial investment is higher than a tank unit, but the energy savings you reap over time will be worth it for the long term.

Whether you need to repair, replace, or maintain your existing unit, we will help you get your hot water back. Call us today at (626) 962-0885 to schedule your FREE estimate!