Emergency Plumbing in San Dimas

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Imagine arriving home after a relaxing holiday and discovering that one of your pipes has burst. Or you flush your toilet and water starts overflowing, flooding your bathroom. Will you know what to do?

What To Do Right Away During a Plumbing Emergency

The key to mitigating most plumbing emergencies is to turn off the water supply at the main. You may be thinking, “But where do I find the valve to shut it off?”

The answer depends on the problem. If your emergency is isolated to a single fixture, such as a sink of toilet, there should be a shut off valve nearby. Just turn the valve to the right (clockwise), and the water will stop flowing.

If the emergency involves a burst pipe, the main water supply to your home needs to be turned off. The main water shut off valve is generally located outside. If you haven’t done so, familiarize yourself with its location now so you are able to respond quickly during an emergency.

How Do You Pick the Right Emergency Plumber?

When choosing a plumber for emergencies, you will need to keep a couple of tips in mind. First, make sure that your plumber is licensed and insured. Our technicians at Daniel Cordova Plumbing gladly share our license number to all customers.

Next, make sure your plumber provides upfront pricing. We always let our customers know the expected rates before beginning any service. This way, you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Plumbing emergencies are stressful. But if armed with a basic understanding of how to react (before your plumber arrives), you will help keep your home from further damage. Know where your water shut valves are located, turn them off, and we will do the rest.

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