Water Leak Detection and Repair Services in South El Monte

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Water leaks can range from small drips to a gallons of water spilling into your home. Whether a leak is small or large, the need for professional repair services are imperative. At Daniel Cordova Plumbing we specialize in the water leak detection and repair services. We can easily locate the source of the leak and effectively resolve it with little to no issues for you and your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get the best services available in the South El Monte, CA area.

What Causes Water Leaks?

Water leaks can be caused by numerous factors. One of the most common factors includes the age of the pipes. If the plumbing system has pipes that are 20 to 30 years old, these pipes may be worn out. Worn out pipes could suffer from cracks and holes that produce water leaks. These water leaks may start off small but overtime, the constant drip will force the crack or hole to become wider. A second cause of water leaks is water chemistry. The water chemistry can have minerals in it that causes cooper and other pipes to erode. The erosion continues to grow until a crack or hole is formed in the pipe. Finally, a major cause of water leaks is the use of incorrectly sized pipes. When a pipe is installed that is too small for the amount of water that flows through it, the pipe can leak or even burst because of the built up water pressure. In all of these situations the need for professional services are imperative. At Daniel Cordova Plumbing we can effectively remedy many of these issues and get them back in working order in no time!

How Are Water Leaks Detected?

Our professional technicians at Daniel Cordova Plumbing are able to use an array of techniques to find your water leaks. However, some leak detections processes can be performed by you the homeowner. Do you find little puddles of water around pipes and valves? Is the water bill coming in higher than usual? Is there low water pressure in your home? Many of these conditions are symptoms of water leaks that can cause significant damage in your home. Additionally our trained staff has the latest in water leak detection machinery and can find troublesome leaks in your homes plumbing and behind walls. If you find that any of these symptoms are reminiscent of a situation in your home, or you simply want to inspect your home to detect any possible issues, call our professional staff today.

How Are Water Leaks Repaired?

Leaks can be rectified with two options depending on how serious the water leak is. If the water leak is a small trickling or moisture then more often than not we can repair it. If there is large amounts of damage and a significant amount of water is pouring into your home then the need for pipe replacement may be necessary. Depending on the type of damage that the pipe has and it’s age, we may advise one option over another. We also offer an array of pipes to choose from in order to provide the best solution for you. Again, our trained professional will inform you of the different choices that you have and guide you to selecting the best pipe and materials for your home.

Why Choose Daniel Cordova Plumbing For Water Leak Detections and Repairs?

When it comes to water leaks in your South El Monte home, no one is more of an expert than our staff at Daniel Cordova Plumbing. We specialize in the detection, inspection, and repair of your homes pesky water leaks. Once we have found the source of the issue we will provide effective and professional repair and installation services to get your homes plumbing back in working order. Don’t let your home suffer from a water leak, call us today! We are available 24/7 to answer any of your plumbing issues.

Do you need expert leak detection and repair services in South El Monte, CA? Call Daniel Cordova Plumbing today at (626) 962-0885 and get fast and friendly services for your home!