Toilet Repair and Installation Services in South El Monte

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The toilets in your home provide major conveniences for you and your family. When they break down or damage, they can also cause disgusting repercussions. If you find that your toilet is suffering from damage or other issues, it may be time to get professional help. At Daniel Cordova Plumbing we offer fast, friendly, and efficient, toilet repair and installation services. No matter what your situation is, we’ve got the best solution for you.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Toilet Damage?

-Overflow due to clogs or backed up sewer line
-Dysfunctional fill valves, flappers, etc.
-Cracked toilet tanks or bowls

The most common cause of clogs and backed up sewer lines are attempts to flush objects down a toilet that don’t belong such as food and excessive amounts of toilet paper. Especially if you have a septic system, the tank tends to fill up very quickly even when too much waste is flushed down. This will eventually result in a backups faster than a simple line to the main sewer.

In older homes and buildings, valves, flappers, flanges and supply lines can eventually become worn and as a result, they may crack, tear or no longer be able to seal completely. In newer homes, they’re more likely to suddenly disconnect and cause substantial flooding and result in water damage. Therefore, if you have any reason to believe that any of those things may be malfunctioning in your home or place of business, please give us a call.

Can Toilet Bowls and Tanks Crack or Break?

A cracked tank or bowl is not one of the more common plumbing issues your toilet can suffer, but it is one of the more damaging situations. This is typically caused by an inside rupture to the toilet. With older toilets, the porcelain often becomes worn and starts to crack. Cracks can also be caused by carelessness of a repair or installation. If you see any cracks in your toilets, please give us a call as water damage can be an expensive and challenging repair.

Toilet Repair vs. Replacement

Shutting off the water line to prevent further disaster is always first. It is possible to replace valves, flappers, flanges and even your bowl or tank without having to replace the entire toilet. However in most cases, only the specific tool causing the leak (such as the washer) is replaced or the nuts and bolts simply need to be adjusted or tightened. In the case of a crack, the entire bowl or tank will definitely have to be replaced.

The need for an entire toilet replacement is usually when your toilet is becoming worn due to age or if the need for a repair has been ignored for a lengthy period of time. First, the water line is shut off and drained, the old toilet is then loosened and disconnected. The new one is then positioned, leveled and connected according to the exact placement of the older one.

Daniel Cordova Plumbing Professional Services

Whenever you need toilet repair or installation services, getting a professional to perform these tasks is imperative. These systems are highly used in your home so getting them done efficiently is always the best option. Our technicians are licensed and trained to execute all of the necessary tasks effectively and in a timely fashion. If your toilet is malfunctioning or you want to replace it, give us call today and get immediate attention and services.

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