Toilet Repair and Installation in West Covina

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Toilet problems are among the most common plumbing issues. The problems described below will let you know when it’s time to contact your local plumber. At Daniel Cordova Plumbing, we provide professional toilet installations and repairs for residents throughout West Covina and surrounding areas in Southern California.

What are Common Toilet Problems?

Ghost Flushing
If your toilet tank starts to fill on its own, this can be due to poorly-fit flappers. A worn out flapper can trigger water to slowly drain from the tank to the bowl. The water levels will eventually drop enough for the valve to pop on. If the water line is too long, this can also cause the toilet to have a mind of its own. Many plumbers will install a new valve that has a special clip with the ability to hold the top of the water line up, ensuring that the water stays where it is suppose to stay.

Multiple Flushes
Flushing once and then getting two flushes isn’t normal. If this happens, the water level within the tank may be too high. We will alter the float management on the fill valve to help the water level drop down.

Dropping Water Levels
When the water level drops in your toilet, you likely have a partially clogged toilet, or your toilet is cracked. Either way, it’s important that you call your plumber to have the problem fixed. A clog can be removed with drain cleaning, but a crack means that you will need a new toilet.

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