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3 Ways To Improve Plumbing in 2022

planning to improve your plumbing needs

How To Improve Plumbing Systems 

As the new year rolls around, homeowners can try and make changes to improve their plumbing systems. Plumbing is one of the most important parts of a home. If there is a faulty line or an issue, it can cause extensive damage and heartache. Before homeowners need to face these things, they should change their plumbing systems.

Only Drain Flushable Itemstoilet

It is not uncommon for plumbing maintenance technicians to see non-flushable items causing blockages and tears in the pipes and drains of a home. One of the leading causes of plumbing issues is non-flushable items.

Things that should never be flushed toil a toilet are:

  • Oil
  • Toys
  • Baby Wipes
  • Food
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Diapers
  • Cotton Products

If any of the items listed above are accidentally flushed, it can cause backups that flood homes and leave horrible smells. If this occurs, it is best to call a technician for toilet repair.

Look for Water Leak Warning Signs

Sometimes it is hard to notice any water leaks in pipes. However, when homeowners leave these pipes to drip, it can cause further issues to the home and the health of the people in the home.

Hidden water leaks can cause water damage to flooring and walls when walls are constantly wet, even if only by a little bit of water, the water damage is extensive. It can lead to mold and invite bugs and pests to a home. 

Not only can it damage walls by developing black mold, but water damage from hidden water leaks may also harm the flooring. If homeowners notice that their floorboards are rising in areas like the kitchen or bathroom, it could be because of a hidden leak.

Homeowners need to look out for raised bumps on the floor, walls, and ceiling. If there are puddles throughout the day that dry up, it may also be because of water leaking. Water leak repair is important! Without water leak repair, the damage will only develop and worsen. Also, the severity of the leak will continue. Instead of a small puddle, homeowners can be left with burst pipes that gush water into their homes.

calendar Schedule Routine Drain Maintenance

Various plumbing companies offer annual routine drain maintenance plans. Homeowners should not wait until it is too late! While there are some ways that homeowners can prevent and treat a blocked or clogged drain, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Instead of waiting for the system to clog and break, scheduling routine drain maintenance can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year on repairs. Drain maintenance flushes out anything that is blocking the pipes or building up. Sometimes the buildup includes food, chemicals, and oils that stick. A buildup or backup will not go away. Instead, homeowners need to call a plumbing service company for drain cleaning.

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