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How Can Drain Cleaning Affect the Home?

Why Is Regular Drain Cleaning So Important?

Why Is Regular Drain Cleaning So Important?

The regular use of drains will inevitably lead to clogs and slow draining. Soap scum, hair, dirt, food, grease, and dust all begin to build up during regular use, even in the cleanest of bathrooms and kitchen sinks! This is why routine drain cleaning is so important to every homeowner. Having a professional regularly clean the drains avoids messy, slow, and smelly drain conditions. 

Drain Cleaning Boosts Drainage and Reduces Clogs

Nothing is more aggravating than a slow draining tub or a clogged sink. Aside from being annoying, it also ends up costing homeowners more in monthly water bills due to customers repeatedly having to use gallons of water to flush out the clogged pipe. However, there are other issues caused by clogs, including:

  • Unsanitary Conditions: Clogged drains are a breeding ground for bacteria. No one wants to shower while standing in several inches of dirty, bacteria-ridden water. 
  • Slow Drainage: Likewise, nothing stops dinner from getting made like a backed-up and smelly kitchen sink. Stubborn clogs are time-consuming and frustrating for customers to remove.  
  • Low Water Pressure: If water is unable to get through a blockage in the plumbing – it will likely affect water pressure. If all a homeowner gets when they open the kitchen sink or turn on the shower is a trickle of water, they need a plumber. 

Regular cleaning ensures that drains function the way that they are supposed to, alleviating frustrating draining issues. 

Say Goodbye To Odors

Clogged drains will eventually lead to water pressure building up in the pipes. Over time, this pressure can become too much for the plumping system, leading to leaks. This can also lead to burst pipes in more severe cases. Burst pipes, flooding caused by backed-up water from clogs, and even leaks can lead to water damage in customer’s homes. 

bad smell

The cost of repairing burst pipes and water damage can be immense. It’s much more cost-efficient for homeowners to have professionals regularly clean their drains and avoid more expensive plumbing issues. Homeowners can spot these problems early on by noticing bad odors from their pipes. They should just be sure to notice before the smell gets so bad they grow nose-blind to it!

Should Homeowners Avoid Chemical Cleaners? drain

Liquid drain solutions are caustic chemicals and solvents that can be very dangerous to keep around children and pets. Improper use can lead to chemical burns on the skin, can cause blindness, and inhalation burns from the fumes. Liquid drain solutions are not nearly as effective as professional drain cleaning, and homeowners often have to use a liquid drain cleaner repeatedly. 

The continual use of liquid drain solution will eventually erode the metal or plastic of the pipes. As they become thinner, the risk of pipes leaking or even bursting under pressure increases dramatically. When it comes to handling clogs, homeowners will always get more success and long-term solutions by working with a local plumbing company instead! 

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