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In This Month of Giving Thanks, Don’t Forget the Plumber

thank your Local Plumbing Technician

Thank the Local Plumbing Technician for These Essential Services

Just as people often don’t think about their plumbing until things go poorly, they don’t necessarily think about how much plumbers do for homeowners until they are needed. With the holiday season close at hand, homeowners should remember these experts and give thanks for them. 

When Toilets Go Bad: Clogs and Repairstoilet

While the clogged toilet is one of the most common issues and easily resolved to plague a home plumbing system, it can also be one of the most troublesome. After all, if one cannot remove the waste that goes in the toilet from the home, that is just about the most disgusting problem imaginable. Though there are many ways to unclog a toilet as a homeowner, some clogged toilet repair situations require a professional.

  • Clog below the toilet
  • Foreign objects in the toilet
  • Wax ring malfunction

Stuck in the Cold from Water Heater Problemswater heater

While most water heater problems are simply inconvenient, some can be harmful or dangerous. That is why it is always advisable to call the professionals because diagnosing the problem is not as simple as looking up a code. Here are just a few of the things that can go wrong with a water heater:
  • Hard Water Scale: This can inhibit water flow and cause the water to not be as hot as it should. The remedy is flushing out the heater’s tank with a descaling solution and possibly looking into a water softening system as a preventative measure.
  • Pressure Release Valve: Problems with the PRV can be quite dangerous. If it is stuck, then there could be explosive consequences. If it doesn’t stay closed, it can make a horrible racket and affect water temperature.
  • Damaged Heating Element: Tepid water at best, scalding at worst, and a problem with the heating element can result in painful injury.
  • Leaks: Leaks can result from a crack in the tank, a loose pipe joint, or a crack in one of the pipes.

A professional can help a homeowner determine the best solution; whether it be a water heater repair, a new water heater installation, or even a new tankless water heater. No matter the home or situation, a reliable plumbing contractor can find the right solutions for each need.

Problems Underground with Sewer Lines

One of the most emergent plumbing issues is a problem with the sewer lines. Sewer line backups and breakages can cause major damage very quickly. A local plumber is only a phone call away, and they can determine the source of the problem. 

  • Age: As pipes age, they weaken and are more likely to split or collapse.
  • Roots:  Nearby trees and plants are constantly spreading their roots to seek out the best water source. They can cause damage to already weakened pipes and joints in their search. 
  • Organic material clogs: Leaves and other organic materials can build up and create a web of obstacles, resulting in the line being more easily clogged.

All of these may result in a need for sewer line repair. If the infrastructure has significant wear and tear, a new sewer line installation may be necessary.

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