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Is it Halloween Ghosts? Or is it Just Spooky Pipe Noises?

man hears pipe noises

Don’t be Scared of Ghosts, be Scared of Pipes!

During the Halloween season, it’s easy to hear spooky noises everywhere, especially late at night. While some of these sounds are caused by avid imaginations and the spirit of the season, others are caused by plumbing issues.

Pipe noises can be both spooky and problematic, especially if you’ve been dealing with plumbing issues recently. As a result, it’s important to know what different pipe noises mean and how to properly deal with them.

water pressureWater Pressure Issues can Lead to Humming Sounds

A humming sound in pipes is not a normal sound to hear when water is running through pipes. When this sound is present, it usually is caused by the vibration of pipes.

This indicates a water pressure issue and usually means that the water pressure is too high. The water pressure in pipes shouldn’t be greater than 80 psi (pounds per square inch).

The wrong water pressure can create a number of issues, so if you’re concerned that this is a problem, have a plumber check and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Identifying the Source of Whistling Sounds

It can be more difficult to identify the source of whistling sounds in pipes. Broadly speaking, a whistling sound usually means that there is some sort of impediment in a pipe causing water to pass through a space that is smaller than it should be.

whistling sounds

This impediment can be from a mineral build-up, a bad valve or some sort of other degradation or deterioration in the pipe. It’s important to locate and address this issue as soon as possible to avoid having it lead to bigger plumbing issues. A trained professional can generally quickly locate and fix the source of the impediment and whistling.

Banging Noises Caused by Air Bubbles

air bubblesIt can be particularly alarming to hear a banging noise from pipes. Usually, this banging is caused by air bubbles in the plumbing system. The banging, known as a water hammer, is created by turbulence in pipes.

Unfortunately, over time this banging can become more than just an annoyance and can create leaks in pipes. Given this risk, it’s important to address water hammers as soon as possible before they wreak too much havoc in the piping system.

There are a few ways to address this issue including getting rid of all air bubbles in the system, repairing fixtures to ensure that water has a clear path and ensuring the water pressure is at the right level. A banging sound in pipes might not be spooky but it is concerning and is a plumbing issue that should be addressed as soon as possible.

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