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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fixing a Blocked Drain

blocked drain

How to Fix a Blocked Drain and What Not To Do

Plumbing services will be an essential task for every homeowner at some point in their lives. Whether self-service or with the skilled hands of a trained technician, it will be necessary to fix a clogged or blocked drain. Snaking and hydro-jetting are two fantastic solutions to curing the headache that a blocked drain line can cause. Hiring professionals to do these services are a guaranteed way to fight off homeowner fatigue.

However, many homeowners and renters alike tend to use liquid drain cleaners to expel a blockage without calling professionals. Unfortunately, drain cleaners can pose health risks due to the harsh chemical compounds that affect the lifespan and integrity of a home’s plumbing system

Snaking With a Drain Augersnaking

The famous tool is dubbed a plumber’s snake because it is a wire that is malleable enough to not break along drainage pipes but strong enough to breach a clog or blockage. When using a snake to fix a drain and bust through a clog, an expert must do it, as damaging the pipes or even making the issue worse is possible. Scraping the insides of pipes, especially those in older homes, can increase the chance of corrosion internally, causing more issues in the future. 

There are many signs that a drain may be clogged and need to be fixed, such as having a foul odor coming from a drain generally due to a build-up of hair, skin, food, and other particles. Another sign that a drain may need the help of a snake can be something more obvious, like frequently having a toilet overflow. This could be caused by a clog of toilet paper in the bend of a pipe. Having the assistance of a professional plumber can help determine what issue a homeowner may have and what solutions to follow.

Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaninghydrojetting

The next step in drain cleaning services provided by qualified plumbers is hydro-jetting. It is an efficient and safe method of deep plumbing and pipe system cleaning with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. Generally, it is done non-invasive, giving a homeowner and family members peace while cleaning and attending to the pipes.

Hydro-jetting uses highly pressurized water from a specialized hose to forcefully expel grease, sludge, particles, minerals, and whatever else may have built up inside the pipes. This water will flush out any debris and build-up that may have occurred over several years, creating a system that may feel like new. This technique must be done by a skilled and trained technician creating long-term positive effects to a home’s overall efficiency. 

The Dangers of Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners are dangerous, toxic, corrosive cleaners that can harm a homeowner’s wellbeing, family, and finances. When having poor drainage or a clogged toilet, it seems easy enough to use something bought quickly and neatly from a nearby store. However, these caustic and toxic chemicals eat away not only at the blockage of grease, hair, nails, proteins, and other fats but at the metal piping of a home’s plumbing system itself. 

One should avoid these drain cleaners like a bad plague. Essentially, they create more issues in the future by weakening the overall structure of a home’s interior plumbing systems. Not only do they eat away at pipes, but they also eat away at people! Exposure symptoms to toxic fumes can include side effects like; difficulty breathing, chest pain, collapse, and more. 

If these poisons get on the skin or eyes, blindness, severe burns, and tissue damage can occur. If swallowed, loss of life can occur. One should keep these dangerous chemicals out of any home. Getting an appropriate drain diagnosis is important, and having a trained plumber to do so is the only answer.

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