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Tips for Water Line Leak Detection

detecting water line leak

Hidden Pipe Leaks Can Cause Extensive Damage

The home’s plumbing system connects underground pipes to the main city sewer and water lines. There could be various reasons why an underground pipe springs a leak, including tree roots growing into the pipes. Whatever the reason, homeowners need to fix underground plumbing leaks as soon as possible.

When an underground plumbing leak is left in a state of disrepair, the soil around the home’s foundation can become so damp and soft from the water that it causes the foundation to shift. Water damage to the house can be extremely costly to repair. Homeowners should be aware of underground water leak signs to prevent worsening damage.

Signs of an Underground Water Leakhigh water bill

  • Puddles of water in the yard
  • Patches of tall grass
  • Increased water bills
  • Sound of running water
  • Low water pressure

One visual indicator of a hidden water leak is puddles of water springing up in the yard. There could be patches of grass that grow higher than the other grass because that area is getting more moisture from the underground leak. The homeowner may notice an increase in utility bills as the leaking pipe wastes water.

The plumbing fixtures may also show signs of an issue inside the house. The plumbing system is all connected, which means that a leak in one area of the plumbing will affect other parts of the system. An underground pipe leak could cause poor water pressure from showerheads or sink faucets.

Check the Water Meter

It can be challenging to determine an underground pipe leak because the pipes are hidden away from sight. Checking the home’s water meter could reveal whether or not there is a hidden leak somewhere in the plumbing system. Homeowners should start by shutting off the main water supply.

Once the valve to the water line is shut off, the homeowner should watch to see what the water meter does. If the water meter shows that water is still running even with the water line shut off, this indicates a leak in the waterline.

call a professionalSchedule Water Line Leak Detection Service

The best way to figure out what is wrong with the plumbing system and quickly get it fixed is to call a trusted local plumber. Homeowners should always have a dependable plumber a phone call away in plumbing emergencies. Professional plumbers can quickly use a leak detector to find the underground leak source.

One of the hardest parts of underground water leak repair is finding where the leak is located without disrupting the home’s yard or foundation. Plumbing companies armed with the latest technology can find leaks in underground water pipes fast and get them fixed more efficiently.

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