Water Pressure Regulator Services in West Covina

Just like your blood pressure, the water pressure in your home is vital to the well being of your plumbing system. Water Pressure Regulators decrease the amount of incoming water that enters your home preventing common damages such as stress cracks and pipe bursts, and they also help protect your wallet too! If your home is in West Covina, CA or the surrounding areas our expert solutions can protect your home! Call us to schedule an appointment today and get the peace of mind with a new or repaired water pressure regulator.

water pressure regulator

How Does a Water Pressure Regulator Work?

A water pressure regulator functions as a flood gate for the plumbing in your home. It regulates the amount of water that is pumped through your home’s plumbing system ensuring that proper levels or water are entering. Because many plumbing systems are old, excessive water pressure can be deadly. When a water pressure regulator is added, less water enters these pipes and ensure their longevity.

How Can a Water Pressure Regulator Benefit Your Home?

A water pressure regulator is beneficial for many reasons. The main one being the added security for the plumbing in your home. Additionally, they can even help reduce the overall costs that you tend to face as a homeowner. Since they reduce the water pressure in your pipes, they also reduce the amount of water that you use. If you feel that you’re wasting too much water or you simply want the added security, trust in Daniel Cordova Plumbing, Drain & Sewer to provide your home with efficient and professional installation and repair services.

What Does Excessive Water Pressure do To Your Homes Plumbing?

Without regulating your home water pressure, you may find yourself in need of a much larger and potentially expensive job or be faced with higher water bills every month. Excessive water pressure can also create cracks or ruptures in your existing plumbing should it be weakened. While the most easily identifiable symptom is a higher than usual water bill, having a water pressure regulator can be a safeguard for your homes plumbing. If you suspect a problem with your current water pressure regulator and need repair, or if you need a new water pressure installed, don’t wait!

Don’t let excessive water pressure damage your West Covina, CA home! Call Daniel Cordova Plumbing, Drain & Sewer at (626) 962-0885 to schedule an appointment today!