Tankless Water Heater Installation in West Covina

Whether you’re looking to save money on your water and electric bill, or you want a better hot water supply for your home, switching to a tankless water heater is always your best choice. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient and user friendly for your home. With that being said however, a tankless water heater is complex and needs professional installation and replacement services. If your home is in West Covina, CA or the surrounding areas, you can trust in Daniel Cordova Plumbing, Drain & Sewer to provide your home with efficient and professional services. Don’t take our word for it though. See what your neighbors are saying here!
tankless water heater

What Are the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters?

There are many benefits to tankless water heaters. They provide immediate hot water without having to store it in a tank that needs to be heated continually. Because of this, they can decrease the cost of water bills by 10-20 percent, and decrease the cost of energy that is spent keeping the tank water hot. A tankless water heater can be used as the hot water unit for the entire house, or it can be used in a small area to supplement the existing water heating system. This is a great option for large homes which may have trouble delivering hot water to areas farther away from the existing heater. They can easily be added because they can fit in a closet or under a sink. At Daniel Cordova Plumbing, Drain & Sewer our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to install these tankless water heaters efficiently!

What is The Installation Process for a Tankless Water Heater?

There are many steps involved in the installation of a tankless water heater, and should be performed by trained professionals. The previous water heater will need to be removed first. This process will vary depending on the type of water heater. A gas model will need to be disconnected from the gas supply first. After it is disconnected, it will need to be removed and disposed of according to current regulations. The new tankless model can then be mounted on the wall, and connected to the water and the electric, or gas line depending on the model of water heater.

Why Would a Tankless Water Heater Need Replacement?

Tankless water heaters will last five or more years longer that the average, regular water heater, but it is important to service it regularly, and to be aware of any problems that may arise. Like many of the other utilities in your home, tankless water heaters require regular maintenance. Other things to take into consideration, are the minimum flow rate, and the hardness of the water. Hard or acidic water can affect any water heater’s ability to function properly. These are all issues that need to be considered when a problem arises with a tankless water heater. It is vital to have our trained professional maintain the integrity of the water heater with regular maintenance and professional services.

How Can Daniel Cordova Plumbing, Drain & Sewer Help With Your Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters are becoming a popular item due to their versatility and efficiency. At Daniel Cordova Plumbing, Drain & Sewer we are homeowners too, and know that saving money is an important part of daily life. Thus we employ experienced technicians that can help you with the installation of a tankless water heater. We can easily install and connect your home’s system to it with little to no discomfort for you and your family. Call us today to schedule an appointment and start saving money!

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